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Matcha on a base of cashew/chaga milk. I prefer to sweeten it up with lucuma and a little bit of honey.   XOXO E

Wolf Moon Granola

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My favorite nut free granola is ready to be shipped. Cacao granola with activated buckwheat, coconut, raisin, cacao, cordyceps*, dates, coconut palm sugar, vanilla, sea salt. *Cordyceps is one of the superstars used in Chinese herbalism. Cordyceps is said to … Continue reading

Raw Cream

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One of the best things that I know of is raw cream. We can’t buy it in Sweden (here you have to be illegal to be healthy) so this is a gift from a dear who just came back from … Continue reading

Instant Love

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One day I actually might write down a recipe. This is a cherry chocolate with colostrum with a cherry inside. After eating ten of them i realized that it’s no longer me eating the chocolate, it was the chocolate eating … Continue reading

Lemon Turmeric Yogurt

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This yogurt is really refreshing and like eye candy when topped with fruit and seeds. Start with sprouting 5 dl cashew overnight in water. Rinse and place in blender together with 4dl quality water and a pinch of sea salt. … Continue reading

And One For The Stalkers

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Stephanie from The Daily Good made an interview with me, you should read it, and the rest of the articles too. The Daily Good Besos Erika

For The Love Of Ghee

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Jag ser mig själv som ett experiment. Jag är redo att testa det mesta in the name of health and longevity, det innebär att jag har konsumerat allt från myror till kapslar av rådjursmoderkaka, cordyceps mm. Jag tänker ibland om saker jag … Continue reading

The Fundamental Anxiety Of Being Human

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This month, I’ve been dedicating myself to Jivamukti Yoga. In this tradition of Yoga, there is something they call ‘Focus of the Month’. The focus for January is “Fed Up”. (You can read what David Life, cofounder of Jivamukti Yoga … Continue reading