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Love Is Sweeter Than Kisses

Today I made a breakfast catering for Lotta and Natalia, Natalia is the owner of LOSR yoga shala located in Stockholm. Wanted to share an easy recipe of a probiotic cashew yogurt that i served.
Start with soaking 5 dl/ 2cups cashew overnight.
Rinse and place in blender together with 4dl/ 1½c quality water and 1tsp sea salt.
Blend it real smooth. Open 2 capsules of probiotics and give it a quick blend. Place in a bowl and cover with a towel. Leave out at room temperature or warmer for about 24h. The longer you leave it out the more sour. I usually leave it out for about 48h.  When fermented long enough I put half of it back into the blender and add raspberries and a little bit of honey. Then stir it together and put in a glas jar and store in fridge. That will slow down the fermentation. Enjoy!



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