Saffron Kulfi

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This is what happens when my craving for India gets overwhelming. I make kulfi. Kulfi is almost like ice cream. Usually you choose from flavors like saffron, cardamom, rose or pistachio. I don’t see the point why you would need … Continue reading

My Apothecary

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This old toilet cabinet serves as a home for all my tinctures.      

Love Is Sweeter Than Kisses

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Today I made a breakfast catering for Lotta and Natalia, Natalia is the owner of LOSR yoga shala located in Stockholm. Wanted to share an easy recipe of a probiotic cashew yogurt that i served. Start with soaking 5 dl/ 2cups cashew overnight. … Continue reading

Front Row With FrontRaw

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  A couple of weeks ago Caroline from Urban Natives made an interview with me, here is the result. Front row with Front Raw It’s in swedish but I heard from friends that magic happens online so that it for some reason … Continue reading

Caspar Melchior Balthasar

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I contributed with recipes to Four Sigma Foods recipe collection, using their superherb blends. Feel free to substitute them for whatever superfood/herb that resonates with you. Or if you don’t have an arsenal of herbs at home leave them out. … Continue reading

Roses And Snow

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This is a raw version of a lassi that I had in Pushkar, India. almond/springwater/chia/rose/saffron/cardamon/honey/pistachio As soon as it’s season for foraging I’ll make rose infused honey meanwhile I use organic rose essential oil. Rose is the supreme heart opener … Continue reading

Creating Connection With Food

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THERE ARE A LOT OF REASONS NOT TO FEEL OK -an island of plastic in the ocean -hand sanitizer –species loss -fluoride -vaccines -climate change as the newest form of colonization -indoor palm trees THERE ARE STILL REASONS TO FEEL … Continue reading