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The Fundamental Anxiety Of Being Human

This month, I’ve been dedicating myself to Jivamukti Yoga. In this tradition of Yoga, there is something they call ‘Focus of the Month’. The focus for January is “Fed Up”. (You can read what David Life, cofounder of Jivamukti Yoga wrote on the subject HERE.) When people tell me that they are “fed up” or depressed even, I usually just want to congratulate them, since I believe that the mind and spirit of man advance when he or she is being challanged and suffers. I see my own suffering as a test sent to me by The Creator. Sometimes, when I feel like “this is the worst ever, this is terrible”, I realize, after some reflection, God is jumping up and down in excitement saying “Oh, this is good, Erika is learning!”. I will find myself in situations that will tempt me into my worst behavior, thats how much the universe loves me. The universe is intentional, my self-actualization is its goal. My friend Zelda said something yesterday that I really liked “heaviness is the root of lightness”.
Woohaa, to cover up from all the heaviness – here is a recipe:

Peppermint patties
1 dl melted cacao butter
1 dl melted coconut oil
3 dl cacao powder
0,6 dl mesquite
2-3T honey
sea salt
Blend together all the ingredients for the chocolate in your blender.

1/2 dl coconut oil, soft but not melted
1T honey
1T lucuma
7 drops essential peppermint oil
Whip together with the help of a spoon.

Fill molds with about 1T chocolate, place in fridge to set.
Next form a patty of the filling press down to nearly fill the diameter,  cover the filling with the remaining chocolate, then freeze to set.

Love you always!




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